Our Products

The core of our service is to let our clients live harmoniously without having to worry about their homes, properties, business/investments and more importantly, their well-being. Given that being secured is such a great advantage, why not have it from a company that has given quality service for 57 years? Choose from our flexible packages and we'll take care of the rest.


Car Insurance

Our Car Insurance delivers comprehensive auto insurance coverage that gives protection to the following:

  • Own damage (Theft OD/Theft)

    Protection from losing the car due to theft as well as from damage caused by accidents

  • Third party liability (CTPL)

    Pays for the injuries sustained by the third party and legal liabilities as well

  • Excess bodily injury (EBI)

    Covers legal liability for death or bodily injury to the third party

  • Third party property damage

    Provides protection against damage to someone else's car or property

  • Auto Passenger personal accident

    Provides indemnity to driver and unnamed passenger for bodily injuries caused by accident while riding the insured vehicle

  • Acts of Nature (AON)

    Pays for all loss or damage in the insured vehicle resulting from earthquake, typhoon & flood


Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance is whereby the insured is protected from financial loss against damage from:

  • Fire, lightning and other perils

Insurable Properties in Fire:

  • Building
  • Contents (Building equipment except jewelleries)
  • Stock in trade (Insured product stock of building)
  • Machineries and Equipment
  • Leasehold Improvement (Insured only the improve unit)
  • Furniture, Fixture and Fitting (FFT)


  • Protection from losing your home, business or building
  • Rebuilding of damaged property

Personal Accident

Provides financial aid to both the insured and its beneficiaries in case of death or disablement

  • Accidental Death or Dismemberment

    Pays for all expenses according to the injured part of the body

  • Permanent Disablement

    Pays the full 100% capital sum in the event of an injury resulting to permanent disability

  • Medical Reimbursement

    Reimburse all the expenses incurred within 1 year from the date of accident up to the maximum amount selected per accident

  • Murder Assault

    Covers death or disablement caused by murder or assault


  • Protects you and your loved ones from hardship
  • Live a life without worries

Marine insurance

Covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals and any transport by sea in which property is transferred from its original location up until its destination

  • Marine Cargo (by land or sea)

    Protection for what is inside the container

  • Aviation (Aircraft)

    Insured only the product that they want to insured

  • Aviation Hull

    Insured only the product that they want to insured


  • Protection of goods traveling through sea
  • Insurance solutions no matter how far your cargo goes
  • Hassle free insurance for vessel owners
  • Protection of ships and properties that travel through sea
  • Securing aircrafts from sudden mishaps
  • Hassle free policies so you can fly without worries

Engineering Insurance

Provides economic safeguard to the risks faced by ongoing construction, installation, machines and equipment during project operation


  • Equipment property
  • Floater

    Insures the equipment that are used in construction

  • Construction All Risks (CAR)

    Insures the building

  • Erection All Risks (EAR)

    Insures the building during wiring installation


  • Providing security to your assets against a wide range of risks
  • Run your construction smoothly with our security

Casualty Insurance

Primarily covers the involved second and third party insurable interest as opposed to first party insurable interest such as property, life, health, etc.


  • Personal /Group Accident

    Group but individual reimbursement

  • Travel Accident

    Individual insurance

  • Comprehensive General Liability

    Insures personal accidents that occurred inside an establishment or building

  • Money, Securities and Payroll Robbery

    Inside and Outside premises (Protection of the insured declared money)

  • Fidelity Guarantee

    Protects the people who truly deserves compensation

  • Merchandise Floater

    Protection of insured subject declaration


  • Designed to secure your possessions from unpredictable circumstances
  • Insures home and a wide variety of assets and properties



  • Provides security during events of unwarranted claims
  • Gives better credibility to your business as it shows your company’s good financial situation