Internet Insurance Security Arrangements And Policy


As part of our commitment stipulated in our Customer Charter, we aim to give our clients with the highest level of confidentiality of their information as possible. We are also committed in providing safe and secure operations in the conduct of online transactions.

Our Privacy and Security Policy, which can be found in our web page and a copy of which is also included here, states how we ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients' information and how we manage it carefully. This document describes the security practices governing and and supplements our Privacy and Security.

Security Arrangements and Features

We do recognize that technological attacks are inevitable. That is why we aim to maintain a strong cyber defense and response mechanism. We are also aware that absolute cyber security is unlikely ever to be achieved, thus we continuously monitor and strengthen our cyber security.

  1. How we store/save data
    Both Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation and web pages store all information that are necessary to process an insurance coverage application in a MYSQL database.

  2. Who will have access
    We have made procedures to ensure that only authorized personnel/representatives of ABIC may view the clients'information. Thus, Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation and has designated administrators who have full access to and can authenticate the data in the system. All other personnel have limited access with designated usernames and passwords issued by the administrators, depending on their roles as employees or as referrers.

    Only employees - who are policy users as well - are authorized to manage the list of referrers, user accounts, policy issuances, and the customer experience rating of every client. Referrers are only authorized to insert credentials of clients and provide quotation of the premium.

    Lastly, access to our systems is logged. With that said, any possibility of breach can be traced right away.

  3. How is the data protected
    We have implemented authentication mechanisms and security features to ensure the safety of confidential information, availability and integrity of data that is processed, stored and communicated through electronic or similar means via and

    Thus, information collected from the clients and other information gathered for every transaction and stored within the system are encrypted with SSL certificates.

    Moreover, digital copies of the policy are embedded with hash codes and are signed digitally with our security certificate which can verify if there are any changes on the document after it has been generated and signed. A copy of the digital policy is also sent automatically to the e-mail of the client.