Customer Charter

Our History

Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation was founded by a group of enterprising Filipino-Chinese businessmen on May 25, 1960 and came into being on March 24, 1980 after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the amendment of 19-year charter of what was once known as the Sincere Insurance Company, Inc.

At present, we now have a net worth amounting to Php 1,433 Billion and is now ranked 9th in accordance with the Insurance Commission Networth Ranking for the Year 2015.


Our Customer Charter for online CTPL E-Commerce shall assist and guide you, our clients, on the process of availing affordable and accessible insurance coverage. Through E-Commerce, we would like to give insurance protection in a more convenient manner without sacrificing the quality of our service and the security of your information.

This charter will provide answers to inquiries you might have while in the process of availing of our online services - from the definition of E-Commerce, to ABIC's responsibility to you, exhibited through our commitment. Through this charter, we will guide you in understanding how we can protect what is important you, our dear client.

What is E-Commerce of insurance products?

Electronic commerce is a commercial activity on the internet which includes buying, selling and providing insurance products online.

Through E-commerce, insurance companies and consumers can now do business transactions online without the need of personal interaction.

What is

The website is the newly-established page that will cater to your security and protection needs. The services offered in this page is designed to fulfil specific e-commerce insurance needs and gives the security that you need straight to you through e-mail and our web page.

The web page gives a quick and reliable way to acquire a quality Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) car insurance policy required for your annual vehicle registration by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). ABIC believes you deserve to be protected at an affordable price. ABIC's online application process is very convenient yet very reliable.

What are ABIC's responsibility for you?

  1. ABIC is reliable
  2. We are responsive
  3. As we are a reputable company, we promise to provide great customer experience
  4. We always try to innovate in order to improve our service

  • Strong and reliable
    With a strong financial base and presence in 5 cities
  • Commitment
    We have served 57 years of dedication just to deliver security to our clients. We want to do the same for you.
  • Secure
    Our web page is fully encrypted to protect all the data that you will provide.
  • Convenience
    Apply at your own pace without having to worry about receiving your policy.
  • Trusted
    Our years of quality service have gained us the trust of our valued clients.

What are the Products and Services that offered by

  • Compolsory Third-Party Liability (CTPL)
    CTPL offers to pay all sums that are necessary to discharge liability of the insured in respect to bodily injury and/or death to any Third Party involved, during an accident by or arising out of the use of the scheduled vehicle. Once availed, CTPL will pay any claim for bodily injury and/or death to any Third Party without the necessity of proving negligence to any kind.
  • How does ABIC process your application?

    Referrers and Sub-Agents will get the complete details of your personal data and the details of the vehicle to be insured which will then be encoded into our system. They will provide you quotations and, once everything is feasible for you, you may proceed to the issuance of the policy.

    You may also input your personal data and details of your vehicle to be insured in our page, where we can directly give you a quotation for the coverage that you've selected. If you find the quote acceptable, we will generate a digital copy of the policy and it will then be sent to your e-mail along with the payment instructions for the applicable premium. Once received, please print the digital copy for your file and for the processing of your claim.

    Who to talk and ask questions?

    For inquiries on in-force policies, you may contact our Customer Care Department for queries and clarifications regarding applications. Our other contact information may also be found via or

    How quick is the process?

    You will be able to receive the digital copy of the policy and the certificate of coverage (COC) once payment from the client's end is made.

    What are the documents and other requirements that need to be presented?

    Customers who will avail of our CTPL coverage through sub-agents and referrers shall only be required to submit the Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration (ORCR) of the vehicle.

    How much is the premium?

    The premium will be based on the experience rate of the client- to be generated by the system from the information provided, the type of vehicle, and the percentage of coverage chosen by the client.

    How to do your claim?

    We at Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation would like to give the most convenient ways of handling insurance needs. To make your claiming process to become easier without delay, you may follow these 3 simple steps:

    Step 1 - Check if you have the required documents:

    • Your vehicle's OR/CR
    • The original copy of the police report
    • The contact details/information of the assured/driver
    • The contact details/information of the victim/guardian

    Step 2 - Send us an e-mail along with the required documents attached through

    Step 3 - Kindly wait for our Claims Department to contact you within 7 working days upon submission of documents.

    You may address all requests for access, correction, deletion or other queries relating to your personal information to:

    Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation
    17th Flr. Federal Tower Bldg., Corner Muelle de Binondo, Binondo, Manila
    (02) 245-2886
    (02) 243-0075
    (0917) 817-6099 GLOBE