Corporate Governance Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation is very committed to a great corporate governance, which promotes fairness to its clients, solidifies bond between corporate officers and employees and helps the company gain trust from the public

Corporate Governance Manual

This Manual shall institutionalize the principles of good corporate governance in the Corporation. The Board of Directors, Management, employees, and shareholders believe that corporate governance is a necessary component of what constitutes sound strategic business management and will therefore undertake every effort necessary to create awareness within organization.

Manual on Corporate Governance
Dated: January 21, 2021

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation ("ABIC") adheres to the principle that the best form of discipline is self-discipline. ABIC prefers employees who can discipline themselves without the compulsion of law or fear of punishment. It is not enough that the employee should avoid doing "wrong" - he should, consciously and as a personal commitment "do the right things the right way" for the right purpose at the right time. Employees should do the right things because they want to, rather than avoid the wrong things because they fear the consequences.

Code of Ethics
Dated: January 21, 2021


Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation recognize sustainability as one of our core values. In all that we do, we consider not only the impact on our business and the insurance industry but also our shared responsibility to society, the national economy, and the global environment. More than just attaining financial returns, we strive to create shared values with our clients, our stakeholders and society, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainability Policy
Dated: January 21, 2021

Enterprise Risk Management

The business of non-life insurance is one of the most risky undertaking. Every insurance policy that Alliedbankers issues face various risks such as reputation risk, product risk, credit risk, operational risk, legal risk, and compliance risk.

ln line with good corporate governance, the Company commits itself to the insuring public to effectively manage the business and ensure that a proper risk management process is in place. The Risk Management Manual shall serve as the guiding principles for the offioers and staff of Alliedbankers in managing the risks inherent in the insurance activities.

Enterprise Risk Management
Dated: February 21, 2020

Company Policies

Nomination Policy
Remuneration Policy
Related Party Transaction Policy
Anti-Fraud, Bribery, Whistle-blowing & Corruption Policy

Other Corporate Disclosures

Corporate Governance Scorecard
Miscellaneous Disclosures