2022 Sustainability Report

The Insurance Commission has recently introduced regulations requiring insurance companies toimplement sustainability programs as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives and keyoperation system for business performance. Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation (ABIC) as aresponsible corporate entity, has taken steps to comply with these regulations by implementingsustainability programs aligned with the principles of sustainability. ABIC has been […]

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Surviving the Pandemic and Moving On

The 2020-2022 Business Plan crafted in 2019 remains essentially the same, but changes were made to account for the reforms that were instituted to prepare Alliedbankers in realizing its full potential as called for in the Business Plan. The pandemic, which is in its third year, gave Alliedbankers the opportunity to put all the necessary […]

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The year 2021 began with too much hope of an early “recovery” from the COVID-19 pandemic. This optimism was anchored on the Government’s projections that the vaccines will start arriving by December 2020 and herd immunity from an aggressive vaccination program would have been achieved by March 2021. Unfortunately, this was too optimistic and exactly […]

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