Insurance As a Gift

“I care about my family and my property.”

Sounds like a cliché but it really means a lot. Besides, what better way to express your care for someone than by telling them?

Since it is the season of giving, excitement is all around us as most of us have all received our much-deserved Christmas bonuses. However, before you but that new pair of sneakers that you’ve been eyeing for months and before you purchase that ticket to your dream vacation-perhaps you can allot some for the long-run: YOU.

You might be trying out a new venture in life by setting up a new business or buying a new property. Probably a house or a new car. However, there are really important things you should know in order for everything to go smooth sailing. Allow ABIC to walk you through on how you can give yourself the best gift of them all:


It is general knowledge that you should have a clear goal before investing in any type of business. Do your research and know what it is you really want to do.

Are you a food critic with a vast knowledge of recipes that you would like to put out? Perhaps you would want to have your own line of clothing or probably a craft-beer brewery of your own? The possibilities are endless!

The main point is you should carefully study if there is a market for it, who the product is for and who your competitors are.

Gearing yourself with knowledge about the business landscape is the best way to go so that you can learn where to position yourself in the market.


Always be smart and think of a budget plan that you know you can stick with. Remember that the end goal is to always have an investment that will not just secure you or your property but to give you a safeguard that is good for the long haul.


Whether you think that having insurance is a waste of money or only for the privileged, it is always good to have a safety net if ever something goes wrong.

An insurance may not be tangible but it would never hurt you to learn that there is a company that will provide cares.

Besides, there is an insurance provider that offers non-life insurance products for people from all walks of life like Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation. Through our suite of non-life micro insurance products under ABIC Mini and ABIC Mini Plus right to our flagship products under ABIC Safe. It is also the first non-life insurance company to launch its online claims tracker. That way, you won’t be left out of the dark when it comes to your insurance claims.

Interested in learning more? You can contact ABIC via e-mail at or, or call the hotline at (02) 243-0075.





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