How To Keep A Cool Head During Christmas Rush

Imagine the Christmas rush this way: Heavy traffic, buying almost shoulder-to-shoulder, rushing to buy alternatives for some products that are already sold out, the long lines at the cashier, and also (this is a Filipino reality) to keep one eye out where the kids are and another eye on pickpockets. Hopefully we can help out for the holiday season by offering some tips and tricks on how to keep a cool head during Christmas Rush.

  1. Prepare your music preferences beforehand. Since you will likely be in hour-long traffic jams, it would be best to have your favorite tunes ready for you to calm or even perk up your mood. It can also be helpful if you tune in to your favorite radio station and listen away. Or try listening to something more soothing than normal to calm your nerves.


  1. Don’t Get Hangry. It might be more difficult to get ‘hangry” (hungry/angry) this season. Make sure you’re feeding yourself well and taking some healthy treats with you to holiday events and gatherings. Eat better and you’ll feel better. Promise!


  1. Plan ahead when shopping. It will save you a lot of time if you already know where you are supposed to get what you need. Besides, malls and tiangges are too crowded enough anyway.

We hope that these tips will help you get through the Christmas Rush. Always remember, cooler heads always prevail!


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