ABIC Health Tips for the Holidays

We all know that Christmas season is right around the corner. Thant means that it is the season of gift giving, spending time with loved ones, binging on cocktails and most of all, food, food and food.

It is really hard to stay in shape during the yuletide season due to the various parties and family gatherings that one can attend. We also understand that it is sometimes difficult to say no to special dishes and we cannot blame you for that.

Another thing we tend to forget during the holidays is to exercise and maintain our figure. But of course, you can never have too much of anything.

So allow ABIC to walk you through on some helpful tips on how to avoid those extra fats from all the yummy food that you’ve consumed.

  1. Don’t skip meals throughout the day. – It is a common misconception for us to attend dinner parties on an empty stomach. But arriving starved may result in overeating. In fact, you may put too much on your plate and your belly than what you actually need. Same goes when drinking alcohol. Drinking while hungry may result to a quicker buzz which is more likely to lead to mindless eating. What you should do is to eat normally throughout the day and be strategic before going to the buffet or dining table. Don’t bother getting things that you are not really thrilled about. Instead, splurge on something that you don’t usually get to eat, and then stop.
  2. No time to go to the gym? No problem! – You are not the only one who is too busy to do some running or lift a few weights. Instead, do daily brisk walking or sweat everything out by doing a general cleaning of your home for your upcoming visitors.
  3. Check your weight every day. – Or if you don’t have a weighing scale, try using snug-fitting jeans to check the status of your waistline and to motivate yourself from not letting go of bad habits. Simply put: you don’t have to start from scratch on January 1.
  4. Count your bites. – Do not indulge too much on the appetizers and dessert. Having lots of those before and after a large meal will make you feel really bloated and not to mention, give you unnecessary weight. So come on, let go of that cake.

There you have it! We hope that these tips will help you get through this yuletide season. Don’t forget to have everything in moderation and always engage yourself in activities that will keep you healthy.

Lastly, always remember: #ABICares



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