Track Your Claims Online with ABIC!

When someone says “first”, what comes to your mind? Pioneer? Start? Opposite of last?

The word “first” may mean a lot of things. It is also a word that describes innovation. Speaking of which, doing something that is a first in any particular industry really is groundbreaking.

Imagine knowing the status of your claim at all times. We mean, you really should know the status of your claim because it is yours, right?

Now, that is the first that we have been talking about. ABIC’s online claims tracker which is the FIRST in the industry market.

If you are an assured of ABIC, just simply visit our website, click on the “Track Your Claim” tab, enter your policy number and VOILA! You will know the real time status of your claim. Just easy as ABC and D!

No need for lengthy phone conversations and avoid the hassles of being in the dark when it comes to knowing what is rightfully yours.

We are doing this not just for our innovation but because we want to provide convenience. After all, YOU are always on top of our list. Why? It’s our job to give remarkable care for you.

Visit or call (02) 243-0075 or (02) 245-2886 to know more about us.




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