The Colors of ABIC

Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation lives by three colours. For some, it might be just mere shades that would make our company look good but in reality, it is more than that.

Our colors actually have a very important meaning behind it. Let us walk you through the meaning of the ABIC Colors.

Yellow – This color symbolizes happiness, enlightenment & creativity. For us, that yellow ball in our logo represents what we protect which is our dear clients.

Red – This means love, passion, strength, willpower and leadership among other things. The three red stripes symbolize our company along with our love and dedication to protect that yellow ball.

Blue – This colour represents trust, loyalty, sincerity, intelligence, confidence and stability. Just like its meaning, we chose this colour to show how sincere and loyal we are to each of our clients.

These colors were chosen with a purpose. Despite being colors that are familiar to the eyes, it still projects professionalism and class.

You see, everything about us revolves around the comfort and security of our clients. We don’t just use logos and shades for the sake of presentation. We do everything with passion and loyalty. Why? Because #ABICares


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