Change, Transformation and Innovation.


  • \ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən\
  • the introduction of something new


Change is good. It is not for everyone and not all may embrace it but change is often, always for the best.

As a company that is never afraid to evolve, Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation has embraced change not just with our logo, office but also in the way we present our work.

We are aware that change is inevitable. It is not just about what is trending or what is new but it is all about giving a greater customer experience.

From a traditional non-life insurance company, we have transformed our office into a state of the art facility with a great IT infrastructure. This new development allowed us to use new systems and develop new products like our ECTPL in the ABIC catalogue.

We have also dabbled into Digital Marketing which allowed us to tap into different kinds of markets that we have never explored before.  This also made us relatable to the younger crowd and allowed us to think out of the box when it comes to promoting our brand.

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Recently, we also launched our customer service arm dubbed as “ABICares”. This is to help improve our claims process for both new and existing clients. All of these new ideas are done through the help of digitalization and innovation.

Though some might think that what we are doing is simply not practical or by any means traditional, yet, this is the risk that we are planning to take. We embrace change because we are not afraid. We embrace change because we want to be better for you. Another reason why we embrace change? Because #ABICares.


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