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Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Some of us treat cars as a statement while others treat it as a necessity. In whatever way we look at cars, we can always never tell what the future holds. You might be driving your dream sports car then who knows? You might wind up losing it due to unforeseen circumstances. With that said, the best thing you can do is to have your car insured. Now you might think: “Insurance? Do I really need one? Naaah…” and doubt the whole idea of having one. Well my friend, let us enlighten you with the benefits of having a comprehensive car insurance:

  1. Replace your car in case it gets stolen
    We all know that carnapping is rampant in the Philippines. With police reports from left to tight, it is really hard to take care of your vehicle. With that said, I think you should ask yourself. “What if my car gets stolen? Can I afford to get a car that is the same as my old one?”
    If your answer is no, then most likely you will need an insurance. Keep in mind that if your car is not insured, you will still need to continue to pay for your debt.
    With comprehensive insurance, you won’t pay for your new car but it will likely allow covering the outstanding amount that you owe so you can apply for a new car loan on a clean slate.
  2. You’ll be covered against acts of nature
    With the unpredictable weather in the Philippines nowadays, having a comprehensive cover is essential as it will protect your vehicle against any number of weather conditions that can cause damage to your vehicle. Your might not know it but the heat index in your car may start to increase that can cause overheat while you’re driving. If you have comprehensive insurance, you can be assured that at least you will be covered and will not be left stranded as it also covers any weather damage.
  3. You’ll be covered against flood damage and fire damage
    Of course, your car is susceptible in any sort of damage from fires to floods. Having comprehensive insurance can assure that if ever your car’s interior and mechanical system will be submerge in flood, you’ll still be able to claim for replacement parts. If it gets to be declared as un-roadworthy, you’ll able to get some financial aid to buy mechanical parts for the car. Same things apply when your car gets damaged from fire.

Sure those scenarios may seem questionable but it could really happen. If you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, we will assure you that you’re protected from any damages or losses associated with your car. Get to learn more about comprehensive car insurance through Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation! Visit our website at!



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