Online CTPL

What is CTPL or Compulsory Third-Party Liability?

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance is required for your annual vehicle registration by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). ABIC believes you deserve to be protected at an affordable price. ABIC's online application process is very convenient yet very reliable.

ABIC's ECTPL service is the newest and most convenient way to get your CTPL needs. You may avail it online and get your policy as soon as you have made your transaction.

Through our ECTPL service, you can avoid the hassles of falling in line and the usual red tape. The best part about it is you can also purchase it through convenient stores, Bayad Centers, banks, etc.

How to Apply?


Fill out the online application form. Make sure you have your Certificate of Registration.

Make Payment

Pay your premium using your debit/credit card or via our partnered banks, convience store and remmittance outlets.

Get Policy

Download or print your COC and Policy documents from your email.

Affordable Rates

For Renewal (1 Year Validity)

Category Premium Default Charges / Taxes Other Charges
Private Cars (including jeeps and AUVs) 449.40 181.00 **
Light Medium Trucks (Own Goods) not over 3930 kgs 489.53 190.87 **
Heavy Trucks (Own Goods), Private Buses over 3930 kgs 963.00 307.41 **
Motorcyles/Tricycles/Trailers 200.63 119.78 **

For New Registration (3 Years Validity)

Category Premium Default Charges / Taxes Other Charges
Private Cars (including jeeps and AUVs) 1,292.03 388.36 **
Light Medium Trucks (Own Goods) not over 3930 kgs 1,404.38 416.02 **
Heavy Trucks (Own Goods), Private Buses over 3930 kgs 2,760.61 749.79 **
Motorcyles/Tricycles/Trailers 577.56 212.55 **

** Other charges include CIS - Bayad Center Fee (P10 - Fixed) and Payment Gateway Fee which depends on the payment channel choosen by the customer.

Schedule Of Indemnities For Bodily Injury And/Or Death

Burial and Funeral Expenses P 30,000.00
Types of Accomodation of Professional Attendance Extended Service Rendered Maximum Reimbursable Fees and/or Charges
1. Hospital Rooms Maximum of 45 days per accident P 500.00/day
Laboratory examination fees, X-rays P 2,000.00
2. Surgical Expenses Major Operation P 7,500.00
Medium Operation P 5,000.00
Minor Operation P 1,500.00
3. Anesthesiologist's Free Major Operation P 2,500.00
Medium Operation P 2,000.00
Minor Operation P 500.00
4. Operating Room Major Operation P 1,500.00
Medium Operation P 1,000.00
Minor Operation P 500.00
5. Medical For daily visits of Practitioner or Specialists P 400.00/day
The total amount of medical expenses must not exceed P 5,000.00
6. Drugs and Medicine (For a single period of confinement) Actual Value of drugs and medicine used but not exceed P 20,000.00
7. Ambulance Actual amount charged for ambulance transport but not exceed P 1,500.00
Loss of or Loss of use of:
   Tow Limbs P 50,000.00
   Both Hands, or All Fingers & Both Thumbs P 50,000.00
   Both Feet P 50,000.00
   One Hand and One Foot P 50,000.00
   Sight of Both Eyes P 50,000.00
   Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden P 50,000.00
   Any other injury causing permanent total disablement P 50,000.00
   Arm at or above Elbow P 20,000.00
   Arm between Elbow and Wrist P 15,000.00
   Hand P 15,000.00
   Four Fingers and Thumbs of One Hand P 15,000.00
   Four Fingers P 12,000.00
   Leg at or above Knee P 20,000.00
   One Foot P 15,000.00
   All Toes of One Foot P 10,000.00
   Thumb P 8,000.00
   Index Finger P 6,000.00
   Sight of One Eye P 20,000.00
   Hearing - Both Ears P 30,000.00
   Hearing - One Ear P 15,000.00

How to Claim?

We at Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation would like to give the most convenient methods of handling insurance needs. To make your claiming process easier without delay, you may follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Check if you have the required documents:

  • Your vehicle's OR/CR
  • The original copy of the police report
  • The contact details/information of the assured/driver
  • The contact details/information of the victim/guardian

Step 2 - Send us an e-mail along with the required documents attached through

Step 3 - Kindly wait for our Claims Department to contact you within 7 working days upon submission of documents.