Living the Life You Love with ABIC’s Personal Accident Insurance

Most Filipinos live their lives to fullest like there is no tomorrow, like nobody is watching, and like every single second is just the beginning. However, accidents may intrude a festive moment in unexpected times. How prepared are you when this scenario enters the frame? Not only in terms of physical and emotional capacity but most importantly, financially? What if an accident, unfortunately, caused you disablement that may result you to losing your job, or may no longer have the chance to work again? That is why it very advisable to get the personal accident insurance. For broader understanding, personal accident insurance provides financial aid to both the insured and its beneficiaries in case of death or disablement.

So many companies can offer you a personal accident insurance, but in Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation, you would not just get the personal accident assistance that you need, because, the insurance comes with a Pangkabuhayan Assistance that will surely and greatly help you to stand up again after stumbling down. Warning: the next sentences will bring you eye-popping facts. ABIC’s personal accident insurance offer will not only help you financially because ABIC has the mind of a better understanding and foreseeing what unwanted accidents may cause you not only financially but also, emotionally. Having a sympathetic heart, we, in ABIC will assist you with your financial needs during the process of recovering from an accident, and also give you a Pangkabuhayan Assistance even after the accident. And that made the ABIC be the first and only insurance company to offer the said insurance with extra packages.

We believe that these additional packages can absolutely bring you back on your feet if unfortunate disablement occurs, or may cover the needs of the loved ones if ever the accident caused unfortunate death to the insured.

The benefits are designed to keep you and your loved ones free from any hardships. Also, for preparedness knowing that there is no safe place, accidents are like surprises wrapped in a box that may be sent to you anytime and anywhere. It is always better to be prepared than to be “shookt” by unwelcomed circumstances.


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