ABIC’s Team Building: Will You Survive the 2017 Challenge?

Last July 8 and 9, ABIC held its annual team building. But this time, the new batch of committees (this writer included) decided to take it up a notch by incorporating rigorous and challenging yet super fun survival games. Everyone who participated enjoyed every activity and of course, the bonding. Even our president Ms. Rebecca Dela Cruz was in on the action too!

The new batch of committees (L-R): Juan Miguel Vergel de Dios, Quelle Montano, Maurice Librea, Mhe Ann De Guzman, Rhaymand Tatlonghari & Karizza Cobacha


Our President Ms. Rebecca Dela Cruz took part of the action as well!

One might say that we are too sadistic in letting our colleagues do strenuous activities and let them roll in the dirt, but the main goal of these games is to unite and work with one another.  In short: TEAMWORK. These activities are impossible to accomplish without working together and that is the main goal for the whole weekend. This is also to remind everyone that we will go through various obstacles to achieve a certain goal. We also must remember that as unit, we must practice working with each other in order to hit our company targets.





The groupings were done with a twist. Instead of letting the employees choose their own cliques, the committee again, did their own twist by pairing random individuals from different departments. This is to see how well they can communicate with each other. Here’s another catch: We figured that it would be too corny if we let the bosses or the department heads to run the show for the games so we randomly selected the people who will act as leaders and assistant leaders for the activities. For that particular day, all bosses became subordinates and allowed other employees to shine and showcase their leadership skills.



One of the best moments during our Team Building program was when the participants did the canopy walk. What made it so great is because one of our Marketing Specialists, Ms. Claire Lustina braved her fear of heights and managed to cross the whole 500 meter canopy despite trembling all the way through. Kudos to you, Ms. Claire!

The ABIC family would also like to salute our IT Staff, Mr. Mervin Babiano for conquering his fear of water. He claims to be really nervous while crossing the canopy because he saw a very deep body of water. Congratulations to you!

We also had a trust fall activity which tested not only the endurance of our co-workers, but to entrust each other’s safety with one another. Imagine falling on your back without being certain if your team mates will be able to carry your weight. However, everyone was able to get through despite having some hilarious instances.


Another highlight of our program was the mud crawl a.k.a. the moment of truth. It was smelly, dirty, thick and deep. Surprisingly, the participants did not hesitate to dive in and crawled their way to the finish line. By the end of it, the teams stopped to pose (while covered in mud) for pictures to show how proud they are of what they had accomplished.





After all the action, we capped the night off with a very meaningful processing to remind everyone the true essence of our team building and what we have learned throughout the day. Afterwards, we all had a hearty meal which was provided by Forest Club. But who said that our team building was all about rigorous activities and pep talks? Of course we know how to have fun too! We danced the night away and enjoyed a few drinks that were provided by our sister company, Tanduay Distillers.

The following morning, we all went home tired, sore but happy. We walked out of the venue with one word etched in our hearts: TEAMWORK


Our Team Building was not about competing and winning against each other. The main goal of all the activities that we had was to work with our colleagues and not against each other. This, we will incorporate with our work to give a positive customer experience. #ABICares


Credits to: Forest Club for the venue and the photos


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